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|Monday, Feb 13, 2023
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Those that know you, know that you race XC and CX for Speedvagen! How often do people just say speed wagen with a “W”?
Only a handful, to which I reply that my new name is "Iwy".

You are exclusively a Single Speeder! How upset were you when SRAM came out with 12 geared Eagle?

I would be devastated, but I would say that while I am super ride-or-die for racing the single speed, I have been having tons of fun riding the geared bikes and exploring the mountains here in Montana. The SS is for sure the most fun to race, but I am super glad to have the geared CX Speedvagen and the hardtail here with all the available climbs.

Your steel speedv(w)agen has a really cool maroon and gold color scheme. Because that was inspired by the USC Trojans what position would you play if you were to play Football instead of Ride a bike?

Easy. If on a football team, I would be the super nervous support staff member on the sidelines whose only job is to bum rush the players and blast water into their gullets for them. I love to take care of my people, and am also accident prone / not tough enough for contact sports. Haha

In your years of cross, what has been your favorite Handup and what do you want to receive as a Handup this year?

I got a marriage proposal Handup last year while riding my way to a Cross Crusade win. Ring out, ready for the taking. I'm not ready to be tied down. Close second was a piece of bacon IN a shot of whiskey, which was truly transcendent.

You have a close friend named Ellen Noble who is also a total badass. What was your reaction to her slip up on the barrier last year? Also, could you have bunny hopped it?

One of my favorite things about Ellen is her ability to show vulnerability. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit, and she's not afraid to take those *sometimes high-consequence risks. It for sure makes me motivated to sharpen my skills and try for bigger feats (because no WAY could I have hopped it), but on the other hand, Ellen and I are close enough and have seen enough cringy shit from one another that I'm 100% certain we would also make fun of each other for slip-ups like that.

Who would win in a single speed race between you and Ellen?

Ellen is the superior being in all matters bicycle. Could I party harder during / after the race though? YES.

You work for Bike Flights as well. How do you attach the wings to the bikes and does the flight come with cookies or peanuts?

BikeFlights is equal parts sorcery when we just decide to teleport the bikes with crystals, but we make the interns attach the wings with JB Weld (good luck getting those of your EVOC bags suckeeeeerrrrs). No cookies or peanuts, we just sprinkle crushed up cheeze-its on your drivetrain for you.

JK LOL, for real though, BikeFlights has been a gateway to having a new perspective on what it means for a company to truly care for and value its people. The only reason I can live in Montana, travel, race, and train to this degree is due to BikeFlights upholding their value of more people on bikes! I'm super indebted to them for enabling my best-life. I mean, what other employer is cool with you having a rat tail?!

Let’s really Get to know Ivy “Off the Bike” …. Is your last name French?


Many people know about your passion for cycling but people may not know about your love for Ariana Grande. Can you tell us more about this other life dedication?

Ari is a way of life. An application of Ariana Grande to your outlook and attitude means being the most unapologetic version of yourself, loving yourself for it, and not taking shit from anybody; and I am HERE FOR IT.

Your Instagram stories often contain adorable pit bulls. Do you love pit bulls and Does your love of Pit bulls extend to the Rapper, PitBull?

Pit Bull (musician): 3/10. Pit Bulls (doggos): 18/10. I first fell in love with them when I was a part-time dog walker in Seattle! I walked one of my best girlfriends pit bull, Harper, while she was at work, and learned a lot about their sweet and gentle nature. Since then, I've been an obnoxiously loud voice about breaking down the stigmas associated with the breed, and have convinced numerous folks to rescue what turned out to be the best family companions ever. I am ride or die for #adoptdontshop.

You said that you walked Dogs Part time to save up for a professional grade karaoke machine. What other part time jobs have you had and did you ever get that dream karaoke machine?

Pro cycling has been tough. I have cleaned people's houses, pulled weeds in folk's yards, worked at a bagel shop..... although I never did get that karaoke machine, opted for things like..... food and healthcare. PRIORITIES or whatever.

You grew up close to the North Pole in Montana.. What goes on in Montana and whats a local food that we might want to try if we ever make the long journey that far north?

Okay I just moved back here and let me tell you: it is 100% shootouts, rodeos, cattle, and endless trails to ride.

Must try food? Rocky Mountain Oysters. Have I eaten them? Absolutely not.

Are there bears in Montana and if so, have you thought about domesticating one as a pet?

Bears are totally big babies and mostly scared of folks, unless their beebees are threatened. Would not domesticate as a pet though, trying so hard to be a successful plant daddi and I’m not doing a great job thus far. Shouldn’t care for mammals yet.

What shows are you Currently binge watching and what’s your favorite show ever?

Currently bringing Wild Wild Country (again), favorite shows ever include Drunk History, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.

What is your favorite Movie and what Movie have you seen over 15 times??

I think I have seen Kill Bill volumes 1 & 2 more than 15 times, and my favorite movie *right now is Inglorious Basterds (subject to change tomorrow).

We’ve covered Ariana Grande but, who else do you enjoy listening to and what are your thoughts on the “Horses in the Back” song?

I am all for a Billy Ray Cyrus comeback.

Current albums in my heavy rotation:

Overly Dedicated - Kendrick Lamar

Revenge of the Dreamers III - J. Cole, Dreamville

Here Comes the Cowboy- Mac DeMarco

Thank You For Today - Death Cab For Cutie

Your IG description is Brothy Hoe and says that you are a crafter. Can you expound on both of those a little bit?

Pho is my favorite food, I be sippin on broth in like 80 degree weather, and have also reclaimed “Hoe”. Women aren’t dichotomous, and I uphold that we shouldn’t be categorized as either sexually liberated, or squares, and nothing in between. Reclaiming “Hoe” is a big part of that for me.

Crafting hobbies include quilting, making bags and clothing, and tailoring things to make them fit a bit better! I’m stoked to start working on some swimwear and lingerie patterns too!

What’s your favorite snacc before you attacc?

*idea: ranch dressing ‘gel’ shots.

*better idea: Buffalo wing sauce ‘gel’ shots.

What’s your favorite snacc in general?


Overall, what do you want your legacy to be in the sport of cycling and would you change anything about cycling for the better?

Something that really bummed me out about many facets of competitive cycling was a lack of inclusivity, where if you don’t have the time/resources/money to train 25-30 hours a week and be super competitive, there wasn’t really a place for you. I hope to keep introducing folks to the ‘come as you are’ disciplines like MTB and cyclocross. As a working person I know exactly how hard it is to try to get of the top of the sport, and how much more fulfilling it is to be part of a community when you can be a part of the narrative and participate, regardless of how much you’re able to train or how nice your equipment is. I hope to help grow this culture within the sport, and it starts with myself showing up to events like this that I’m not necessarily fit enough for (such as Epic Series Races that are SO tough for me), or Sea Otter UCI XC. I love to keep going to those events and showing folks that you can be completely out of your element, not be anywhere near getting a result, and still get a lot of fulfillment out of just participating. Being horrible is actually awesome. LOL.

It was so awesome to get to know the equal parts humorous & insightful Ivy Audrain. Can’t wait to see what she accomplishes this cross season (… and how many handups she takes!! ).

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