Meet the Team



Bike you ride? MTN: Revel Rascal | Road: Specialized Amira | Commuter: Jamis Coda Sport

Favorite Beer? Domestic: Bud Heavy | Craft/Local: Heaven & Ale Juicy B | Summer Beer: Urban Artifact Keypunch

Favorite Cocktail? Gin and Soda

Guilty Pleasure Movie? Twilight-Breaking Dawn Part 1

Guilty Pleasure Food? Salty: Wavy Ranch Potato Chips or Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili | Sweet: Key Lime Pie

Favorite Non-bike hobby? Hiking/Trail running, sewing, gardening

Favorite Festival? NEMBA MTB Festival or Sedona MTB Festival

Favorite Karaoke Song? It's Raining Men

Favorite Show? The Office...That's what she said
One Embarrassing Story? During my freshman year having my nipple exposed to majority of the varsity baseball team after jumping in the pool and my bathing suit top practically came off without me realizing it.

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Bike you ride? Santa Cruz High Tower or Blur

Favorite Beer? Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale

Favorite Cocktail? Margarita

Guilty Pleasure Movie? Wedding Crashers

Guilty Pleasure Food? Pizza

Favorite Non-bike hobby? Paddle Boarding

Favorite Festival? Dirt Fest PA

Favorite Karaoke Song? Total Eclipse of the Heart -- with profanity sprinkled in for the crowds pleasure -- but I'm terrible

Favorite Show? Peaky Blinders

One Embarrassing Story? One night, in high school, me and a friend were in my first Toyota pickup truck and we were talking to some girls on the side of the road that we knew. We were done talking and wanted to go back down the road the opposite direction, so I thought it would be cool spin out, and slide the back end around doing a 180. I spun the tires, got the back end flipped around, only to find the front end of the truck barely missing a telephone pole, but then hit the guide wire that anchored the pole. We stopped dead in our tracks and it left a dent on the front corner of my truck. The girls weren't too impressed either.



Bike you ride? Transition Trans Am (MTB) & A custom Steel All Road bike

Favorite Beer? 1. Guinness in Ireland & 2. Guinness in America

Favorite Cocktail? Scotch Old Fashion

Guilty Pleasure Movie? Hot Rod

Guilty Pleasure Food? Chili's Skillet Cookie

Favorite Non-bike hobby? Golf & Buying Sneakers

Favorite Festival? Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest

Favorite Karaoke Song? Fly me to the moon, Frank Sinatra

Favorite Show? From 12 Years old to 17, Man Vs. Wild, From 17 to Present, The Office

One Embarrassing Story? Once in High School, I started a rivalry football game at outside linebacker. Because I was starting, I invited all my friends and family. My job was to watch for people running the ball or drop back and cover for a pass. On the 3rd play, after a successful tackle no less, the quarter back dropped back to pass so, I did, too. Then he decided to keep the ball and run with it. I met the all-american quarterback in the middle of field and instead of making the tackle, he faked right and I fell flat on my face. I was immediately benched and only got in to long snap on punts for the rest of the game. It was then I decided I loved riding bikes!



Bike you ride? Norco Fluid FS 1 for MTB, Lynksey Pro GR for everything else

Favorite Beer? Silkscreen - Monday Night Brewing

Favorite Cocktail? Rye Whiskey on the rocks

Guilty Pleasure Movie? Waterboy

Guilty Pleasure Food? Raspberry Filled Doughnuts

Favorite Non-bike hobby? Watching baseball

Favorite Festival? I've only been to Santos, so by default - Santos

Favorite Karaoke Song? Can't Stop Won't Stop - Miley Cyrus

Favorite Show? That 70's Show

One Embarrassing Story? In 8th grade, I went to after school weight training at the high school gym. Before we started I was cleaning my glasses and snapped them in half. I tried to put the together with a piece of tape because I literally cannot see without them, but it didn't work. So I made my mom go on a wild goose chase when it was over to find the same glasses that day.


Moral Support

Bike they ride? The Small ones fit in baskets but, the rest just have to run along side.

Favorite Beer? Sam Adams Utopias

Favorite Cocktail? Water with a hint of dirt

Guilty Pleasure Movie? Air Bud II: Golden Receiver

Guilty Pleasure Food? Whatever the most expensive plastic item is insight

Favorite Non-bike hobby? Sleeping or Pooping

Favorite Festival? Coachella

Favorite Karaoke Song? Down with the Sickness (cause they can do the barking part at the beginning) 

Favorite Show? Twin Peaks

One Embarrassing Story?

Ivy: Literally tripped on the last step this morning.. She just can't get stairs figured out

Annie: Has never been embarrassed.

Lula: Ran in to a random booth at CX Nats. Actually ended up meeting @jeremypowers though.

Camber: SO excited to get to the dog park he jumped out of the car on the road leading up

Wrigley: So excited she knocked her own teeth out. Shes at the Vet this morning

Turner: Became a regular at Hutton & Smith Brewery, so much so that he got his own bowl and was regulary served the Seasonal Christmas beer each winter