Pro Glove: Strong, Tough, and Built for Racing


|Friday, Sep 29, 2023

Professional Downhill racer and multiple USA DH Champion, Neko Mulally, started wearing HANDUP gloves thorugh a collaboration Dales Pale Ale glove that we had made with Oskar Blues Brewery.

At that time, Neko was sponsored by the brewery and wanted to wear the glove to match his custom painted Helmet, it just so happens that we make great f'n gloves and Neko wanted us to become an official sponsor so he could keep rockin' our other designs.

(Helmet and very fuzzy picture of gloves above. Legs are not Neko's)

We agreed and signed our very first (real) professional athlete in 2017.

A couple years later, Neko came to us with an idea for a new glove. Although he liked our MOST DAYS glove model he wanted to see if we could work together to add a few features that would improve security, bar feel, and ventilation.

A year and a half later, through numerous samples, testing and feedback sessions, we had the product that Neko was proud of and couldn't wait to wear year round on the UCI Downhill race circuit.

That glove was called the Pro Performance glove.

Below is a video from Neko himself about his gloves!

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