What Winter Cycling Gloves are the Best?

Why are my hands freezing on bike rides??

We're not here to tell you that our winter cycling gloves are the best but we are here to tell you how to keep your hands warm in ANY winter glove. 

The trick is simple: You have to keep your core warm.

Your body can exist without a few fingers or toes but it can not exist without a heart (or a LOT of your other vital organs for that matter). They are vital for a reason. 

Therefore your body, in cold situations, will send blood to those organs first. That means that your body is not prioritizing the extremities.

Have you spent a fortune on winter gloves with no success? It's not the glove. It's your core. So, next time you ride, keep that chill off with a riding vest of even a standard down-vest in serious conditions to give your hands the fighting change they desperately need. 

PS: This trick will help your toes as well


What type of Winter Cycling Glove should I get?

Once your core is warm, it's time to figure out how warm you actually get on a bike. It's important to know this because, now that you will be warmer overall in your vest, you may sweat more than you think... and we all know moisture can lead to cold. 

For some people, a mid-weight glove will do. That's something without a dual layer. We created the Cold Weather Glove for this exact reason. If you are able to stay warm overall OR if you are on a high output ride, you may not need the super serious down filler or fleece lined glove. A regular mid weight layer will do.

However, sometimes, temperatures are just down right freezing. When it get's to that point, you should absolutely seek out a serious core warming option and pair it with a dual lined glove. You can get the Dual Layer, Fleece Lined ColdER weather Glove.

But why do they have to be bulky?

We tell all of our customers that you want some room in your winter glove and we absolutely stand by that. Think about it this way. When you are in a warm car, it's literally the production and available space for hot air to keep you warm. But what if there wasn't room for the hot air? This can be shown by placing your hand on the cold window and therefore, experiencing your hand getting cold. You took away the barrier of warm air!

It's the same in a winter glove. You need room for the climate inside the glove to be hot. It only takes a few millimeters of space to keep you substantially protected from the outside world. It's this reason that a little bulk to your winter glove is completely fine!