STORIES - HANDUP SNOW | The First Skiing & Snowboarding Gloves with Party Palms!

Another day, another badass glove for a whole new hobby. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love bikes but we also love getting out and exploring the world in new ways! For that reason, what started in cycling has expanded to golf and NOW, Snow Sports!!

Handup Snow was born from our out-west upbringing and recent, personal re-entrance into skiing and snowboarding. We spent a LOT of time on the slopes growing up and have since, reignited the passion for shredding!

So now, we offer Handup Snow and you can expect the same high quality and low prices you’ve seen from all of our other product lines! Our first line of snow gloves were purpose built for spring skiing, minimalist backcountry skiing and park days, even though most of our snow and ski board athletes use these down into the 20’s! 

Grab a set and keep those hands warm!!