STORIES - Meet the Team Series | Sam | Handup Gloves


 For the first time EVER, we want to introduce you to the team here at Handup. We figured that after 5 years, it's time you meet the faces behind the Friday Cocktail hours, Monday Mashups, new glove day packages, all the wild designs, and (hopefully) timely & kind emails you may or may not have received over the years. It's the kick-off to telling you who we are. Every Friday, we'll be introducing you to a new team member, so stay tuned!

First up is Sam! He’s our Operations Manager! Aka, the “Where the heck is my package?” Guy. Here’s a little bit about Sam.

Bike you ride? 

Evil Offering

Favorite Beer?

Hutton and Smith Promenade

Favorite Cocktail? 

Old Fashion

Guilty Pleasure Movie? 


Guilty Pleasure Food? 

Never met a pizza i didn't like

Favorite Non-bike hobby? 

Are Motos considered "Non-bike" ?

Favorite Festival? 

Dirt Fest

Favorite Karaoke Song? 

Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like a Woman .....duh.

Favorite Show? 

COPS or any drug related show.

One Embarrassing Story?

I tend to intentionally forget the embarrassing stories - lets just say there is one or two stories in my earlier years of drinking..

Favorite Items From Handup?

Poncho Gloves |

Classic Wool Socks |

Grey A.t. Sorts and Pants |

Black Nylon Snapback |

Tiger Camo Bandanna  |

Long Sleeve Blackout Bolts Jersey |