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    How to Wash Your Cycling Gloves!

    “Can you wash your cycling gloves?” is a question we get asked all of the time. All mountain bike gloves need a good wash here and there! In fact, you should do it quite often... but we will get to those details later. Welcome to the complete guide to washing your cycling gloves!

    The simple Do’s and Don’ts of Dirty Cycling Gloves:

    DO wash them more often than you would think. It keeps the stitching in good health.

    DON’T wait weeks to wash them. This lets odor, dirt, and everything else settle in permanently.

    DO wash them in the machine washer or by hand.

    DON’T dry them in the machine dryer EVER!

    How to Wash the Gloves (Machine Washed Cycling Gloves)

    Most Cycling gloves, including ours, are machine washable. Toss them into the washer just as they are to run through a cycle. If you’d like to maintain the color of the gloves, be sure to turn them inside out and wash them on cold. If you don’t mind some fading, wash them on warm or hot for an even deeper clean.

    Once the gloves are rinsed, lay them out in a dry, cool space to dry out slowly. Some might think to leave them in the sun, but excessive exposure to heat and sunlight can damage or shrink the gloves beyond use. 

    Your gloves should be completely dry within 24 hours and ready for your next ride!

    How to Wash the Gloves (Hand Washed Cycling Gloves)

    Hand washing cycling gloves is a different method for gloves that need a hands-on clean. Ultimately, you want to use a detergent that pulls grease and grime away from the fabric. Dawn or sink-soap detergents can work just as well as a liquid laundry detergent you might plan on using. 

    Typically, we recommend filling up a sink or bowl with warm water and adding your selected detergent. Begin hand washing for the first cycle of dirt removal. Once you have done that, you can select a soft-bristle brush or sponge to work dirt out of the harder places. Typically this is the palms, but it might be the entire glove after a muddy ride!

    Remember to press or brush lightly as you don’t want to take material away from the palm. You just want to take the bulk of the dirt away.

    Once you’ve done that, rinse your clean, soapy gloves off in a sink or in a bowl of new water and leave them out to dry, away from the sun. 

    Your gloves should be completely dry within 24 hours and ready for your next ride!

    Pro Tip: Do the first wash with the gloves on, just as if you are washing your hands!

    Why Should I Wash My Cycling Gloves?

    All cycling gloves become sweaty. That’s the most obvious reason to wash them, but the real reason sweat is a problem is because it’s salty - and salt is corrosive. 

    Over time, salt will break down the strength of the small, intricately woven threads between the fingers and will cause a glove seam to pop open. This can be prevented by washing your gloves out within a day or two of getting them sweaty. Remember, it’s not good to let them soak in sweat. 

    Lastly, it’s good because most people subconsciously wipe their face during rides. You are certainly leaving dirt and grime on the glove, but you could also be putting it back on your face if you don’t wash between rides!

    Can I Wash My Winter Cycling Gloves?

    This is a great question! The answer is YES for some and NO for others.

    You CAN wash your winter cycling gloves if you follow all of the steps above. However, It’s even more important to avoid drying them as you risk harming the fill or layering within the glove. We recommend hand washing and air drying.

    Unfortunately, if your cold weather glove features a DWR type water repellent coating, you cannot wash them with regular detergent. Specific detergent must be used (often called Tech-Wash) and often, the coating will need to be reapplied after your wash.