We recently teamed up with 8lumens  and Oddity Cycles to create a special edition, New Belgium designed, glove for one of the greatest race/parties that mountain biking has to offer. These are some pictures we took at the race. If you really like one but can't click and drag it to your desktop, shoot an email to support@handupgloves.com. I'll gladly send you the beautiful picture of your choice. 

Here's what you missed if you didn't go:

  • 2 full grown men in a speedos
  • someone eating 4 Carolina Reaper Peppers at one time (a hellishly hot hybrid of the ghost pepper)
  • 30 miles of perfectly maintained single track
  • warm mid-lap wine handups with captain morgan shots to follow
  • beer
  • more beer
  • the painfully best time ever had on dirt