I-24 has an 8 mile stretch of road that is completely missing. I know this for sure because every time we go to an event, our navigation lady (I’d say SIRI but our driver has an android*) tells us to bypass it for some reason. We’ve decided that it can only be one of a few things… 1) Aliens took it to study our overwhelmingly poor road making skills. 2) an earthquake dropped it into a giant sink hole or 3) there was a wreck. The only positive here is that there is a DQ about half way through. And quite frankly, I don’t think we can pass up a Dairy queen any more on the account of us being 100% American.

            Now the Dairy Queen stop has its moments too. Of course the ice cream is glorious. There’s almost nothing better than ice cream. In fact, if I were on death row, my last meal would be a gallon of Blue Bell’s Coookie’s n Cream with a side of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate chip cookie dough (I like cookies). But what completely thwarts the Handup Team is the drink machine. The one that when used should also dispense a certificate that qualifies you to fly a space shuttle. First you click coke. Then you click a special coke out of all the different cokes. Then you can add a flavor to that coke but then when you go to dispense said coke, you forget you haven’t added Ice yet cause that’s hard too. You know what machine I’m talking about. Let’s just say, we miss the days when you just walked up and pressed your cup.

Caroline Mani crushing people's dreams. She's SOOO fast. 

            After DQ we hopped in the car, looked at some corn fields, and next thing you know, we are in Coralville, Iowa. Home of the beautiful hostesses of 30Hop Restaurant. I mean just strikingly pretty for no reason at all. I digress. I could give you detail after detail of the hotel and all that but lets just say we got to Jinglecross. AND we stayed for 3 AWESOME days. Then we watched everyone race in the absolute mud hole of a course.* We made a friend named Ben who brought us beer and kept us company. Only con here was the flys. Those tiny devils bit us no more than 1 million times and no less than 990’000 times. So to keep it simple, we definitely got bit 996’435 times. Just an absurd amount. Figure it out Iowa.


                                                                             Our Friend Ben


            There was so much more we could share but you know how races go. We saw some crashes, ate a pizza, watched world class athletes race, watched someone lose a shoe in the mud, filmed Ellen Noble and set it to a song with her name in it, and then we ate another pizza. Just a typical/wonderful/itchy cycling event. Oh! And I got sick day two and spent the night in the hotel room!

            I’d like to take this time to welcome you to our blog. I can assure you that this will never be about a race for the majority of it’s existence. You can read that shit at Velo News. We are here to bring you the good stuff about our personal adventures at Handup Gloves.

Ride on


* Iphones have always been and will always be.. better

* Iowa said their weather was going go sunny - kinda sunny - rainy on those respective days. It actually went pouring rain - totally sunny - and not really sunny but not rainy. So i'll let you guess which glove company event team was completely unprepared. Iowa, figure this shit out too while you figure out the flies. 

If you wanna know what the HANBORGHINI is, watch our Instagram. I can't give you all the goods.