A month or two back I started the glove discussion. I took the stance of gloves being a "consumable" and was looking for a quality low cost new pair. Nothing is worse then buying a new glove or bibs and after one crash they are done. The gloves I ended up purchasing were from Handup Gloves ,at $26 dollars they are super affordable. I would call them a medium weight glove. So far they have been durable and the silicon design printed on the palm side provides an extremely good grip. Now I must point out I absolutely love these when I'm on the MTB, but I found them to be way too hot to be comfortable during the summer on gravel, especially if it's over 90 degrees. Now that the weather has cooled a bit they are perfect for all conditions. I would absolutely recommend these for the price as long as it's not summer. My only real gripe is the sublimation printing on the back. If there is any stretch it distorts the print to a faded white, this is common with everything printed in this style, but it still bugs me. I would rather have a solid color and a design on the palm side. But that's only a matter of aesthetics. Some day I might try a more premium glove but for now these are doing the trick. My question for you now is, with the weather getting cooler again what is your go to winter glove?