HandUp Gloves Merican Review Inspired by “beverage” Hand Ups in cyclocross, HandUp Glovesin a somewhat new company out of Chattanooga, TN. Their motto is “best for grabbing beer and bars.” After coming out first with a long finger glove, HUG finally released a shortHandUp finger version. It is minimalist, which I love. The palm is synthetic Clarino leather and has no padding. The back is a stretch mesh for easy on and off. The silicone printed graphics on the palm provide traction to grab the frosty beverage or your handlebars.

I’ll reiterate this of from my earlier review of HandUp Gloves long finger gloves: “I hate gloves, but they are a necessity. Most gloves are bulky hunks with terrible padding. I do not need or want ergonomic padding as it makes it difficult for my short fingers to wrap around the handlebar.” I received pair of the Merican Short Finger gloves just in time to test them on a few of the last Daylight Saving Time rides of the year. They performed as expected. They were very grippy, and my hands felt secure on the road bike bars. I did one dry cyclocross race with them, too. Again, they made me confident that my hands were not going to slip off the bars. Without the padding, it was easy to maintain my grip just where I wanted whether I was on top of the bars or on the hoods. I did not get to test out the beverage grabbing capabilities as I cannot drink anything during a cx race. Most of the rides I did were in the 60s, which is my lower limit for short finger gloves, and my hands were never too hot. I’d like to see how the Merican gloves do in a hot, humid Atlanta summer, but that will have to wait until next year.

They are very stylish and would look great with any kit, especially around the 4th of July. A size small fit my hands really well. I normally wear a glove unisex size small or women’s medium or large. I did an urban CX ramble for one of the test rides. A Wounded Warrior commented that he loved the gloves as a show of his patriotism. I hope he was able to get a pair! I would have given them mine, but he said he could not fit into a small.

I’ve been using the long finger HandUp Gloves aka “The Mug Gloves” since last January, and they have held up really well mountain biking and road riding. I had problem with one glove from the start. The stitching came undone up near the top of two of the fingers on the first ride. I emailed HandUp Gloves photos, and they determined that it was a manufacturing defect. I haven’t had the problem with the replacement pair. The ribbon pull tabs kept getting caught on everything during my cx race preride, so I had to cut them off. I’d rather see one tab on top of the glove instead of 2 on the bottom.  I’d also like to see the short finger gloves in a few more color options.

HandUp Merican Short Finger Gloves are everything a minimalist pair of gloves should be. They grip well, fit like a glove, and look really cool!!