Some things we love because of the features they have: micro-adjustable this and home-rebuildable that and custom-tuneable whatnots are all the rave among mountain bikers.  We get it. Features sell products and companies need to present “new and improved” every year to get their products noticed.

But there are a few things we love because of their simplicity — like singlespeed bikes.  Add Handup Gloves to that list.  While there certainly may be riders who need gloves that look like a Storm Trooper getting ready to play hockey, most don’t need anything more than good grip, good looks, good protection, and a sweat mop.  Handup Gloves deliver just that.

The minimalist design is perfect for the vast majority of trail riders.  The durable, single-layer Clarino leather palm is thin enough to provide a solid feel for the bars.  No squishy gel padding needed or wanted.  The grippy rubber palm won’t let your hands slip even when the gloves are wet with sweat, creek water, or spilled beer.  And, even better, the palm graphics become a larger graphic when you put your hands together to imitate a college football player wearing Nike Pro Combat gear.

A simple cuff eliminates the need for a Velcro strap and allows the gloves to fit comfortable under a jacket sleeve or on top of arm warmers and the terry thumb is great for mopping the sweat off your face or anything else that may be dripping.

Combine performance with a very,  very affordable price and you have a great product.

But there’s more to Handup Gloves than just the glove itself.  We love the company.  Handup supports mountain biking in everything they do.  You’ll find them at your local mountain bike races, your local trails, and craft beer breweries — basically anywhere mountain bikers hang out.   They ride, they race, and they drink beer with their customers not just to drive business, but because they love to ride, race and drink beer.  

And so do we.  Handup Gloves are Militia Approved(™).