Here at BWN, we love grabbin’ bars and beers, and we’ve already praised Handup Gloves for making some rad gloves. Since our that article, they have brought out some new colors, some new hats, and now some limited edition gloves.

As far as the design goes, nothing has changed here. They are the same great gloves with soft and grippy palms, breathable backs, and sweat wiping towel on the thumb. Handup has added colors with the Epic Trail, Prizm, and ‘Merican lines.

The Epic Trail line celebrates some of their favorite trails in North Carolina. The olive green/yellow and black/yellow gloves feature a topographic map on the backs with the topography theme transferring to the palms as well. Put your hands together as you celebrate the epic run you just finished.

With the Prizm gloves, things get a little more colorful. The teal/yellow color way is almost a full rainbow across the backs, while the pink/red keeps things more in the red and blue family. They’ll see you rollin’, the haters be hatin’, so put your hands together and show them you “ride dirty.”

For the ‘Merican line, Handup brought back the blazing orange from their woodland camo/blaze orange glove from last year, but added a blaze orange/black/grey camo on the back. Bambi might not see you coming, but hunters will. The Stars N Bars has also been updated with red palm graphics in their V2.

Finally, a candidate I can agree with!

So unless you use Layrite Super Hold like me, and have that fresh from the barber styling, even after a few hours on the bike with a helmet on, you’ll want a hat to cover up that mop when you are jumping onto the podium. For that, Handup has some hats (I hope Bill Strickland isn’t reading this) to match your ‘Merican gloves. You don’t have ‘Merican gloves yet? Well, pick up the combo and save yourself enough to buy 6-pack of Bell’s Oberon.

Finally, the newest edition to the line is the first of the Small Batch. The Rocky Top Small Batch gloves will be offered in limited quantities and shouldn’t last long, like a good bottle of bourbon. Handup logos on the palms and pointer and middle fingers provide the grip the brand is known for.