Nothing quite says ‘Merica like some good old camouflage. Making a name for themselves with bold colors and wild designs, Handup Gloves is continuing on the path to manual domination with additional designs rather than completely new models. According to company owner Cody Wallis, Handup was started to combat the rising cost and complexity of most mountain bike gloves.

Harnessing design inspiration from his motocross racing days, Handup gloves are meant to be simple with no padding and a slip on design. That results in a glove that will protect your hand, provide adequate grip on the bike, and won’t slip on the post ride beverages either – all at an affordable price.

Since the basic design of the glove remains unchanged, Handup is free to concentrate on fun new designs that may or may not include camouflage…

Joining the ranks of camouflage offerings from Handup, the new Green/Orange Camo ‘Merican Will be sold alongside the Grey Digi Camo gloves. All Handup gloves use a four way stretch, light weight mesh on the back of the hand which is mated to a single layer Clarino leather palm. Along with laser cut ventilation holes, the palms include huge silicone printed graphics which form a single image when the two hands are placed together à la College football.

The gloves use a stretch cuff for Velcro-less security and offer a large absorbent sweat cloth on the thumb to help keep things dry. Like every pair of Handup gloves, the camo ‘Merican models sell for $26 in small through extra large.

Also new to the range is the Reeb model which should be popular with anyone who likes good beer. With Oskar Blues on the palms and their Reeb bike brand on the tops, the Reeb gloves take things an extra step with a tiny little rider in silicone on the index finger for added grip. Like the other gloves in the line, you can put on a pair of Reebs for $26. Distributed through Torcano Industries.