STORIES - Why Mountain Bike Gloves

The humble, simple, often forgotten cycling glove (and more importantly mountain bike glove) was something we gave a facelift in 2014. We looked out, we saw the market and it was indeed, boring. It was time for a change.

The goal of our minimalist cycling gloves was to create a community of people that love cycling at it’s core.. People that desire to make it a better, more welcoming place at ALL times. The conduit from which that community formed was the simple, yet bold mountain bike glove that we’ve all come to love.

We decided that it would be hard to look down at a pair of USA gloves, or maybe a glove that featured Pizzas & Pandas, and continue on your journey without a smile. Of course, the palm designs (what we now call Party Palms) were icing on the cake for two reasons; they allowed for a metric ton more grip and a metric ton more fun.

Price was a concern as well. We all know how “affordable” cycling apparel has become. We asked one simple question…

“When did $100 cycling apparel items become affordable”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: There is nothing inclusive about telling someone they have to spend $200-$300 more dollars on gear after they just spent $1000 on a bicycle. Therefore, we made sure you could buy an entire Handup kit for the price of most of the other guys' single jersey.

Last but not least, we reach the quality. It certainly wasn’t our last thought but it’s the last feature we normally bring up when we are talking about our cycling gloves. The reason is, when a product is actually quality, quality shouldn't even be something that needs mentioning. It’s like a good bike saddle... the best saddle is one you don’t even know is there. That’s how our gloves are. If they weren’t the most eye-catching part of our cycling gear, they’d be the last thing you thought about. They are there, dependable, whenever you need them. That’s why we have over 25 professional athletes in them all year round!