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    For the first time EVER, we want to introduce you to the team here at Handup. We figured that after 5 years, it's time you meet the faces behind the Friday Cocktail hours, Monday Mashups, new glove day packages, all the wild designs, and (hopefully) timely & kind emails you may or may not have received over the years. It's the kick-off to telling you who we are. 

    This week, we'd like to introduce John, our Accountant!

    Bike you ride? Norco Fluid FS 1 for MTB, Lynksey Pro GR for everything else

    Favorite Beer? Silkscreen - Monday Night Brewing

    Favorite Cocktail?  Rye Whiskey on the rocks

    Guilty Pleasure Movie? Waterboy

    Guilty Pleasure Food?   Raspberry Filled Doughnuts

    Favorite Non-bike hobby?  Watching baseball

    Favorite Festival?  I've only been to Santos, so by default - Santos

    Favorite Karaoke Song? Can't Stop Won't Stop - Miley Cyrus

    Favorite Show?   That 70's Show

    One Embarrassing Story? In 8th grade, I went to after school weight training at the high school gym. Before we started I was cleaning my glasses and snapped them in half. I tried to put the together with a piece of tape because I literally cannot see without them, but it didn't work. So I made my mom go on a wild goose chase when it was over to find the same glasses that day.

    Favorite Item's from Handup?

    Beer Me II Glove |

    The All American Sock |

    A.T Pants & Shorts - Grey |

    Miami Dos Athletic Hawaiian |

    White Leopard Bandanna |

    Black Pro Performance Golf Hat |