HANDUP's Pricing Philosophy

Wallet Friendly Pricing:

This is a key pillar and factor in many decisions we make here at HANDUP! Can we provide this product at a Wallet Friendly Price?

We have never been ones to associate higher quality with a higher price. Most of the time a higher price just comes with a fancy brand name that you’re paying extra for. You could also be paying for unnecessary product features that you just don’t use. The features seem good in theory, and that’s how they "get you" with marketing. In a practical sense, are you ever going to use that lanyard clip in your tenth pocket to ensure you don’t lose your vehicle keys while you walk down a trail that a little girl (carrying a barbie doll, no less) walked in crocs?


“We made it to get dirty…” 

We’ve owned other higher priced apparel that has spent more time in the closet than on our bodies for fear of it getting dirty outside. We didn’t want the price of our gear to keep you from getting it out of the closet. We made it to get dirty and to be the first thing you grab for any adventure! Its versatility allows it to be worn from weekdays to weekends in many different settings, and its quality allows it to be worn and washed over and over without ruining it.


“Make Cool Shit and Give a Shit” 

The unofficial, official motto of HANDUP is to make cool shit and give a shit. Those are the two things we care most about around here. We make high quality products with a focus on our version of cool, but the other half of that equation is giving a shit. In other words, we care about our fellow humans and their wallets. Instead of using a corporate formula for pricing or looking around to see what other brands charge for similar products, we take a human approach and ask ourselves, "What would we pay for this product?"

We hope this approach leaves you some extra cash for a few more beverages with your buddies, because that is what HANDUP is all about. Great Gear, Better Times!