the handup ambassador program

How to become a brand Ambassador

We imagine that you are here because you are interested in representing Handup as a Brand Ambassador. We appreciate that a TON and want to give you the keys to be in the best position to make that happen.

What's the Process?

It's not as simple as just signing up below. We look for people that have purchased our gear before, tag us on social media, share our products regularly, and fit our overall brand image. We already have world cup teams, olympians, national champions, world champions and high profile content creators in our gear. Although we sincerely appreciate your interest, we do not need anyone that is solely interested in getting gear for free.

What if I want to be an Ambassador but I don't have the gear to post about yet?

Sorry! Unfortunately, we can't help there. If you want to represent the brand, we are looking for the people that already own it and already love it! If you really are interested, we'd recommend picking up your first pair today!

If I become an ambassador, what do you expect from me?

It's good to keep in mind that, representing our brand (or any brand) as an Ambassador is a 2-way street. It's not a program where we give you free things and expect nothing. Without getting into the exact details, Ambassadors are required to be actively participating in their sport, be active on social media, share our brand on social media, and be cool people in general. Before you make the effort, be sure you are willing to take on a few responsibilities and know that we DO keep track of how much that happens.

So who are you looking for?

Fun, unique individuals that display that in their digital content and in their personal life on and off the bike.

No, Seriously....

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No, Seriously....

Read the Whole Page

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