Handup Brown Bag Coozie


Handup Brown Bag Coozie

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They're back and bigger than ever! If you constantly reach for the tall cans at your local grocery store, we got ya covered. If you still prefer a stouter brew in the 12oz variety we got ya covered there too. No matter your beverage choice, be sure you're keeping it as cold as the gas station cooler it came from. WARNING: A purchase of this magnificent tall boy Coozie may encourage exclusive purchases of taller cans... welcome to the big leagues.

Purchase Options:

  • - 12oz Coozie $3
  • - 16oz Coozie $3.50
  • - 12oz 2 Pack $5
  • - 16oz 2 Pack $6



  • Collapsible and reusable, insulated brown paper bag material that ensures your drink stays cold while re-livin' those glory days of sippin' on a cold one right from your local gas station

  • It's made of recycled materials so that's awesome

  • Regular 12oz option or 16oz (XL) option

  • Voted best Coozie of 2017 - Handup Office Poll