Yesterday I was shamed for choice of clothing. I come here now to plead my case for Nike socks, kakis, and SEC football shirts as a normal outfit and not completely frat star apparel.

Plead 1: I dress hella good in the fall. I mean everyone does but I take my clothes game to the moon. The boots come out, fitted jeans with a Henley (Henley’s are money, everyone knows that) and then a cool worn in baseball cap. Wait is that Jake Gyllenhal.. no it’s just Troy from Handup gloves bringing his A game. I say all this to say, summer is a little limited on what you can wear. I’m stuck to shorts and t shirts… and it’s with a heavy heart that I say, that’s what you saw yesterday.

Plead 2: This plead is strictly for the socks. Nike socks are fresh as hell and always have been. And since my girlfriend steals all of my ridge supply socks at $15 a piece,  I can’t spend $200 replacing my whole sock drawer. If your significant other has ever stolen your clothes, you feel me. Let’s be open minded here.

Plead 3: If you are a person (every dude ever) there is a chance that your outfit is whatever is up next at the top of the drawer. Enter yesterday’s outfit. It was an outfit that said “everything I wore was within arms distance when I woke up”… you really think I “put together” fresh white socks and off white cans. Come on……

We’ll see what comes of Frat boy troy… he may make a return.