STORIES - Meet the Team Series | Troy

This week, we'd like to introduce you to Troy, the Handup Marketing Director AKA "Thinks he's an influencer"! Here's a little bit about Troy. 

Bike you ride? - Transition Trans Am (MTB) & A custom Steel All Road bike
Favorite Beer? - 1. Guiness in Ireland & 2. Guiness in America
Favorite Cocktail? - Scotch Old Fashion
Guilty Pleasure Movie? - Hot Rod
Guilty Pleasure Food? - Chili's Skillet Cookie
Favorite Non-bike hobby? - Golf & Buying Sneakers
Favorite Festival? - Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest
Favorite Karaoke Song? - Fly me to the moon, Frank Sinatra
Favorite Show? - From 12 Years old to 17, Man Vs. Wild, From 17 to Present, The Office
One Embarrassing Story? 
Once in High School, I started a rivalry football game at outside linebacker. Because I was starting, I invited all my friends and family. My job was to watch for people running the ball or drop back and cover for a pass. On the 3rd play, after a successful tackle no less, the quarter back dropped back to pass so, I did, too. Then he decided to keep the ball and run with it. I met the all-american quarterback in the middle of field and instead of making the tackle, he faked right and I fell flat on my face. I was immediately benched and only got in to long snap on punts for the rest of the game. It was then I decided I loved riding bikes!

Favorite Item's from Handup?

White Leopard Gloves |

The All American Sock |

A.T Pants & Shorts - Grey |

FlexTop Flannel - Red |

White Leopard Bandanna |

Handup Golf Nylon Snapback |