STORIES - Meet the Team Series | The Dogs



BONUS!! Morale is high when the Handup Pups are around! Meet the team members that always bring a good attitude and laughs to Handup HQ.

Bike they ride?

The Small ones fit in baskets but, the rest just have to run along side.

Favorite Beer?

Sam Adams Utopias

Favorite Cocktail?

Water with a hint of dirt

Guilty Pleasure Movie?

Air Bud II: Golden Receiver

Guilty Pleasure Food?

Whatever the most expensive plastic item is insight

Favorite Non-bike hobby?

Sleeping or Pooping

Favorite Festival?


Favorite Karaoke Song?

Down with the Sickness (cause they can do the barking part at the beginning) 

Favorite Show?

Twin Peaks

One Embarrassing Story?


Ivy: Literally tripped on the last step this morning.. She just can't get stairs figured out

Annie: Has literally never been embarrassed.

Lula: Ran in to a random booth at CX Nats. Actually ended up meeting @jeremypowers though.

Camber: SO excited to get to the dog park he jumped out of the car on the road leading up

Wrigley: So excited she knocked her own teeth out. Shes at the Vet this morning

Turner: Became a regular at Hutton & Smith Brewery, so much so that he got his own bowl and was regulary served the Seasonal Christmas beer each winter