So you want some sweet custom HANDUP Gloves?

First things first, we cannot do a different/custom palm than what you see below for orders under 250 pairs. We know that's a lot but that is just what it takes to have customized palm graphics, sorry.

For orders under 250 pair, your palms have the HANDUP logo shown below:

So what can you do?

You can customize the top, or back of hand, of the glove with as many colors as you want. They are 100% fully digital sublimation printed, which means you can print like freakin' Picasso on them.

You can also let us know what color of material to put between the fingers to match, or brighten up your custom design on the top. 


Artwork Fee is $100 if we need to design the glove ourselves, which will be invoiced to you and need to be paid before designing can begin. If you provide the design on our template here or at least have your logos in a design (AI, PDF, PS) format and just need them on the glove in a certain color, chances are you won't need to pay an Artwork Fee.

* IMPORTANT: All artwork, both provided by the customer or created by the Handup Gloves Design team is subject to conditions that are worth noting. Please read our Artwork Policy HERE to learn what we can use, what we can print, how the design will print, and what our policy is on colors used.

Production Time

Production time varies depending on time of year ordered, and the amount of custom designs we already have in production, but a good estimate is 8 - 10 weeks. It is rare to get the custom gloves before 8 weeks, but we will let you know where we are at in production times when your order begins.


Custom glove sizes range from XX Small (Kids Large) - XX Large. check the sizing chart HERE or find a dealer in your area HERE, or buy your own set  HERE. 

Now lets talk prices...

Quantities and prices are as follows PER PAIR 

48 = $32 

96 = $31 

144 = $29 

250 = $26

*Custom Orders may be subject to sales tax

*You can order quantities in between these quantities, as well. (ie. 100 pair = $31 each at the 96 quantity level)

What Can I Expect?

If you would like to begin the custom glove process please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly!  

After design is settled upon, you will receive an invoice which will need at least a 50% deposit to begin work and the remaining 50% upon completion before shipped out to you. 

We first make a sample print, which a picture will be sent to your email for you to approve within the first week of the order. Once this has been approved, or changes are made and approved further, your gloves go into production and we keep you updated about the completion date throughout the process.

Once production is complete and remaining balance is paid, just kick back and relax until your box of sweet custom HANDUP gloves land on your doorstep.