STORIES - Meet the Team Series | Co-Owner | Cody


The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The one who looked at a sea of boring solid color cycling gloves and said "No..... this won't do.

Meet Cody, our lead designer, product specialist and Co - Owner! Here's a little bit about him!

Bike you ride? Santa Cruz High Tower or Blur Favorite Beer? @oskarblues Dales

Pale Ale Favorite Cocktail? Margarita Guilty Pleasure Movie? Wedding Crashers

Guilty Pleasure Food? Pizza Favorite Non-bike hobby? Paddle Boarding Favorite

Festival? Dirt Fest PA Favorite Karaoke Song? Total Eclipse of the Heart -- with profanity sprinkled in for the crowds pleasure -- but I'm terrible

Favorite Show? Peaky Blinders

One Embarrassing Story?

One night, in high school, me and a friend were in my first Toyota pickup truck and we were talking to some girls on the side of the road that we knew. We were done talking and wanted to go back down the road the opposite direction, so I thought it would be cool spin out, and slide the back end around doing a 180. I spun the tires, got the back end flipped around, only to find the front end of the truck barely missing a telephone pole, but then hit the guide wire that anchored the pole. We stopped dead in our tracks and it left a dent on the front corner of my truck. The girls weren't too impressed either.