How in the world do I get started?

For orders between 24 and 499 pair, you have the choice of either palms below:

Handup palms copy.jpg


Custom Palms Dark Text.jpg

Custom Palms ARE NOT available between 24 and 499 pair.

How much do these bad mamajamas cost?


Quantities and prices are as follows PER PAIR

24 = $32 

48 = $30 

96 = $28 

144 = $25 

250 = $22

*Gloves must be paid for in full before production. Sizing



You can choose from X Small - X Large! If you haven't tried on our gloves, try to find a dealer in your area HERE,  buy your own set  HERE, or check the sizing chart HERE! Custom gloves are only available in the FULL finger option. 

Production Time

Production time varies depending on time of year ordered, and the amount of custom design's we already have going. It can be anywhere from 10 -14 weeks.


Artwork fee is $75 if we need to design the glove ourselves (which we will invoice). Once full payment for the order is received you can kick back and relax until there's a box of kickass gloves on your doorstep.

* IMPORTANT: All art work, both provided by the customer or created by the Handup Gloves Design team is subject to conditions that are worth noting. Please read our Artwork Policy HERE to learn what we can use, what we can print, how the design will print, and what our policy is on colors used.

So how do I get this all started?

If you would like to begin the custom glove process please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly!  If you'd like to download the Custom Template, to provide your own artwork, please click "download custom template here" below! Then, Continue with filling out the custom form!

Download Custom Template Here

Custom Form:

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We CAN NOT make custom gloves between 1 - 23 pair. Minimum order qty is 24 pair. *You can order quantities in between the given ranges. i.e. 36 pair, 102 pair, etc.