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    APRIL FOOLS!! Welcome to the PNW x Handup Gloves Giveaway

     We believe life is better when done together. Take a look at our revolutionary product designed with HandUp and scroll down to enter the giveaway. 


    NO, we did not make a grip-less sponge gloves for riding. But, YES we do still have a RAD giveaway. Life is a bit rough for all of us right now and it’s nice to have a little laugh. We hope you enjoyed the joke and will enter our giveaway to bring a little sunshine to your day. 


    To enter, wait for the email sign up block to pup up below. If you do not see it, give it a second to load OR move to a desktop computer.




    Prizes Include: 

    Full Riding Kit from HandUp Gloves: 

    • Gloves
    • Socks
    • Shorts
    • Jersey
    • Bandanna
    • Hat

     Full Cockpit from PNW Components: 

    • Range Handlebar
    • Loam Grips
    • Loam Lever
     This giveaway will run through April 13th and one lucky winner will be announced on April 14th. Tell your friends! 
     **Please note that by providing your email here you are joining both the PNW Components email list as well as the HandUp Gloves email list. 

    HANDUP SNOW | The First Skiing & Snowboarding Gloves with Party Palms!

    Another day, another badass glove for a whole new hobby. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love bikes but we also love getting out and exploring the world in new ways! For that reason, what started in cycling has expanded to golf and NOW, Snow Sports!!

    Handup Snow was born from our out-west upbringing and recent, personal re-entrance into skiing and snowboarding. We spent a LOT of time on the slopes growing up and have since, reignited the passion for shredding!

    So now, we offer Handup Snow and you can expect the same high quality and low prices you’ve seen from all of our other product lines! Our first line of snow gloves were purpose built for spring skiing, minimalist backcountry skiing and park days, even though most of our snow and ski board athletes use these down into the 20’s! 

    Grab a set and keep those hands warm!!

    MASHUP 115

    This week we played a little ice hockey and one of our guys go married! Of course, we had to take a little time to knock out the spring 2020 photoshoot for all the new gear. 
    Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and never miss a weekly mashup.  

    Weekly HANDUP Mashup


    Every Monday we post a one to two minute video on Instagram Stories and YouTube of what was happening around the Handup Nation in the past week. 

    Check out our YouTube Channel or ongoing pinned Instagram Stories to catch up on all the happenings from episode 1 up passed 100 now...

    HANDUP Golf Launch

    We started as a bike specific company but we, as regular humans, have many different interests and hobbies and golf is one of them. Sure we like shreddin' trails, but on those "off" days we like to head to the golf course, swing some clubs, and throw back a few cold ones. 

    At the core of HANDUP is people just wanting to have a good time enjoying the outdoors. We focus on making high quality products across different sports, and those products must be something we at HANDUP would wear and use ourselves while we enjoy being outside. 

    So now we offer golf gloves and apparel at affordable prices, for those who enjoy themselves outdoors and want to work on their style game while they do it.