Ridin’ Hawaiian – Handup Gloves expands into apparel w/ shirts, tanks, shorts, more


Zach Overholt -

August 20, 2018

Just because there’s a ton of clothing options out there, that doesn’t mean you can’t try something a bit different. For the crew at Handup Gloves, they saw an opening for casual, fun clothing that work both on and off the bike. Clearly, this isn’t the first time that has been tried, but it is a first for something with Handup’s unique style and focus on affordability.


Starting with the idea of a technical Hawaiian shirt, Handup thought that this would provide the ideal mix of breathability and performance on the bike while making sure you don’t go unnoticed at the after party. The shirts are all built with a classic button up design and a stretchy 100% polyester material to keep things wicking and breathable. The fit is also tailored to riding with a longer front and rear hem, and longer sleeves to keep things covered in the riding position.

  Currently available in three collections, the jerseys come in Serape, Miami, and The Merican, each for $48.


The shorts are also unique in that they are a more athletic fit, again with stretchy materials. Handup didn’t want long, baggy shorts, so they came up with their own design with hidden zippers for the front pockets, and belt loops to go along with their custom YAAK belt. Priced at $49 in black or royal blue, the shorts seem like a great value and a good option for whatever you end up getting into.

As the perfect companion for the Shreddin’ Short, the Flex belt comes from a collaboration with YAAK (formerly Abl.). We’ve been super happy with the belts we’ve tested out from YAAK recently, so this should be a great addition to your shorts if you need a little help keeping them up. Designed to stretch just like the shorts, the whole point of these belts is to provide something that’s actually comfortable to ride in. You can add one of these to the kit for $32.


For hot and humid climates, Handup says their tank tops have been very popular. Made from a mesh that’s lighter weight and more stretchy than your typical 90’s basketball uniform, the tanks come in red or grey for $36.

In typical Handup fashion, the clothing is available in limited collections with matching socks and gloves if you want to keep it all in the family. Or, feel free to mix and match to get really wild. Handup points out that if you buy the entire kit – jersey, shorts, socks, gloves, and belt, you’re only looking at $170. Given that there are shorts or jerseys on the market that cost that much, it seems like a pretty reasonable deal.

Everything is available now, but once it’s gone – it’s gone. That is, it will be replaced by a new style to keep things fresh and fun.