VECTOR ARTWORK is designed by plotting points on X/Y coordinates and connecting those points together. Most professional designers create logos in vector for one main reason — they can be re-sized without pixelating. A Vector logo ensures the most accurate coloring with NO loss in detail.


PDF File:

PDF is a 50-50 gamble. Some PDF files might appear to be Vector art but, in reality, they are Pixelated.  Also, when transferring PDF’s to Vector Files, discrepancies in colors that each software contains may appear. In that case, our design software, Adobe Illustrator, will choose the nearest match. Finally, when PDF's are transferred to Vector, it is highly likely that sharpness, shape, or fine details will be lost. 



If the Custom Glove template is downloaded and designed by the customer, Handup Gloves is NOT responsible for the colors provided within the template. We print what is given as most teams/individuals match jerseys, bibs, Etc. which leaves us no way of knowing if a color is right or wrong.

If the customer requests changes to colors or design after providing artwork, the colors must be provided in an exact PMS or CMYK format. The color will be added, a proof will be provided, and the order will go into production once the proof is accepted by the customer. Handup Gloves will still NOT be responsible if the changed color, provided for by the customer, is incorrect.



If a customer requests that a glove be designed by Handup Gloves and Pays the artwork fee, the glove will be designed under the following conditions:


1. If the glove is to be designed from scratch with no exact CMYK or PMS colors provided, Handup Gloves is NOT responsible for matching to the EXACT expectations of the customer. For example: IF a customer asks for a “red glove with blue stripes” Handup gloves will choose a standard red and a standard blue. There will be no compensation or remake of gloves if the customer imagined a “darker red” or “brighter blue”

 2. If a customer supplies a Logo file or color via PDF, JPG, or PNG File, Handup Gloves will match the colors as best as possible. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE ON COLOR MATCHING. For example: If a customer provides a logo and wants the blue in the logo to be the blue on the glove, Handup Gloves will match the color to the best it’s ability with no guarantee on an exact match.

3. If a customer supplies a PMS or CMYK color for a glove, Handup Gloves will produce exactly what’s requested. For example: If a customer says "I’d like to use PANTONE Bright Red C (CMYK 0 78 74 0)" Handup gloves will use EXACTLY that.

Finally, if text is required, the type font must be provided by the customer. If it is not provided, Handup Gloves will only be able to match to the best of it's ability. For example: If a customer says "I'd like a glove to say 'ride' like the logo on our jersey" Handup Gloves will only be able to match the logo or jersey to the best of our ability. However, if a customer say's "I'd like a glove to say 'ride" in Times New Roman, Semi Bold, we can match that. 

*Artwork Fee covers 4 revisions Maximum. Please have your design Ideas ready.



Dye Sublimated design is like traditional CMYK printing but has special requirements due to printing on fabric. Colors in the dye sublimation process can only be printed with CMYK. When artwork is submitted with Pantone colors, these colors will be printed to the nearest match with CMYK inks. Because of this, Artwork will generally be closely matched to the on-screen appearance of the file, however if colors in the artwork fall outside of the printing gamut, then color accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Special colors such as Neons or Metallics cannot be printed with the dye sublimation process currently. Below are some Screen VS. Physical Image Examples of how on-screen colors may print.

print vs. sublimated.PNG


Handup Gloves are produced by printing on sublimated material (described above). The printed material then becomes the tops of the gloves and they are then cut and sewn onto an existing palm ranging from XS – XL.

Logos and Designs are not sized to the specifications of each individual glove size (I.e. the same top of an XL glove is what is sewn on an XS glove.

For the reason stated above, both provided and Handup Designed gloves may vary in “where the logo/design lands” depending on the actual design.



  • Don't use a Dark logo on a dark background - it will blend int
  • Don't put a "Busy" logo on a "busy" background - it will blend in
  • Similar colors that are printed together may run the risk of blending together at the edge
  • Anything that is very finely detailed runs the risk of running into the background


Customer acknowledges that they assume full responsibility for having obtained legal permission from each company/colleague to reproduce their logo or image included in the design for the purpose of printing these athletic garments.